DAY 1 - Friday, 2nd June




0830 – 0915

Symposium 1a – Breast 1
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderators: Lim Chai Leng, Sanguan Kunaporn

MRI Volumetric Study after Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation – Visnu Lohsiriwat

Periareolar Breast Augmentation of Personal 20 years’ Experience in Taiwan – Sung-Yuan Chang

Breast Reduction / Mastopexy under IV Sedation and Local Anaesthesia – Danny Oh Siew Leng

Experience with Smooth & Textured Breast Implants: How to Choose the Ideal Implant – Heng Kien Seng

Symposium 1b – Facial Rejuvenation 1: Threads
(Fullerton Suite)
Moderator: Lee Kim Siea

Facial Lifting and Tissue Regeneration – A Non-surgical Approach with Silicone Threads and Biostimulator – Victor Cheong

Single Threads for Full Face or Combination? Protocols and Advices – Murat Tsintsadze

PLLA Cone Thread: Beyand Lifting – Wilson Ho

0915 – 0945

Opening Ceremony – Welcome Addresses
Regunathan Villanayer – Organising Chairman and President of MAPACS
Florencio Q Lucero – Secretary General of OSAPS

Macalister Ballroom

0945 – 1030

Keynote Lecture 1
Lina Triana –
A Global Perspective on the Future of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Moderator: Regunathan Villanayer

Macalister Ballroom

1030 – 1100

Coffee Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1100 – 1200

Symposium 2a – Breast 2
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderators: Su San Khong, Hiroshi Mizuno

Augmentation Mastopexy: Indications, Options and Limitations – Chih-Wei Wu

Breast Augmentation and Implant Explantation – Lina Triana

Transgender Breast Augmentation – Poonpissamai Suwajo

Symposium 2b – Facial Rejuvenation 2: Fillers and Toxins
(Fullerton Suite)
Moderator: Victor Cheong

Advanced Techniques on Injectables Portfolio: Belotero and Radiesse – Wilson Ho

The Art of Rejuvenation with Filler and Toxins – Lee Kim Siea

Thickness-adjustable Injectable PDLLA: A Versatile Biostimulator – Lin Chuan-Yuan

1200 – 1300

Symposium 3a – Body Contouring 1
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderators: Gunasagaran R, Su-Ben Tsao

Post Bariatric Patient Evaluation and Surgical Planning – Ozay Oskaya (via Zoom)

Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss: Experience of 150 Cases – Yen-Chou Chen

Circumferential Excisional Body Contouring: Body Lift with Gluteal Augmentation – Ozay Oskaya (via Zoom)

Mastopexy after Massive Weight Loss – Yugesh Caplash

Symposium 3b – Free Scientific Presentation 1  
(Fullerton Suite)
Moderators: Jeremiah See, Wong Thai Er

Secondary Rhinoplasty in Patient with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Nasal Deformity – Takafumi Saito

Single-splint Two-jaw Orthognathic Surgery for Correction of Facial Asymmetry: Three Dimensional Planning and Surgical Execution – Yi-Tan Hung

Inferior Alveolar Nerve in the Mandibular Ramus and Body: A 3D Imaging Measurement for Surgical Information – Pei-Chun Tang

Rhinoplasty in the Multi-ethnic Population: Understanding the Culture & Operative Strategy – Aik-Ming Leow

Nasopalatal Maxillary Defect Reconstruction with Free Radial Forearm Osteocutaneous Flap – Karyn Lin Wern Im

1300 – 1400

Lunch Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1300 – 1400

Lunch Symposium (Courtesy of Everteam / Mentor)

1300 – 1400

Optimizing Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction with Memory Gel Xtra – Visnu Lohsiriwat
Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Latissimus Dorsi Flap – Kim K Tan

Macalister Ballroom

1400 – 1430

Keynote Lecture 2
Woffles Wu – Microbotox of the Face and Neck
Moderator: Lay-Hooi Lim

Macalister Ballroom

1430 – 1545

Symposium 4a – Face 1
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderator: Jeremiah See, Rong- Min Baek

Clockwise Pitch Rotation of Maxillomandibular Complex for Aesthetic Facial Correction – Lun Jou Lo

Asian Facial Bone Contouring Surgery – Jin-Wook Jeong

Two-jaw Orthognathic Surgery to Treat the Patients with Facial Asymmetry- Chou Pang-Yun

Facial Contouring: From the Simplest – Frank Chang

Symposium 4b – Body Contouring 2          
(Fullerton Suite)
Moderator: Margaret Leow, Gene Tiongco

Brachioplasty and Thighplasty – Ozay Oskaya (via Zoom)

Post Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring – Matthew Yeo

Abdominoplasty: How to Improve on the Outcome – Yugesh Caplash

TSAPS Abdominoplasty – Yen-Chou Chen

1545 – 1615

Coffee Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1615 – 1730

Symposium 5a – Breast 3
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderators: Yeoh Tze Ming, Theddeus Prasetyono

Breast Augmentation Revisional Surgeries: Complex Case Discussions – Visnu Lohsiriwat

Application of Endoscope in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery – Chih-Wei Wu

Updates on BIA-ALCL and BIA-SCC – Fabio Santanelli (via Zoom)

Breast Reduction: Updates on My Techniques – Fabio Santanelli (via Zoom)  

Symposium 5b – Free Scientific Presentation 2 
(Fullerton suite)
Moderators: Hasliza M Shahir, Suleka C

Foam Models are an Effective Teaching Tool for Breast Procedures – Nelson Teo

Subfascial Plane Placement for Implant Breast Reconstruction – Sally Chan

Epigastric “Flip” Flap for Tuberous Breast Reconstruction – Hong Qi En

Posterior Component Separation for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction of Large Incisional Hernia: Our Experience – Oo Wei Loon

Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Heel with Medial Plantar Artery Flap Versus Reverse Sural Artery Flap: A Review of 4 Cases – Thessa Arabella Daniel

Grotesque Scrotal Lymphedema – Cherrie Chan Yiru

1730 – 1830

OSAPS EXCO Meeting (By Invitation)

Anson Suite

1900 – 2200

Faculty Dinner (By Invitation)

Thirty Two at The Mansion



0800 – 0930

Symposium 6a – Face 2
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderators: Angamuthu R, Rong-Min Baek

Mid Cheek Lift: Achieving Predictable and Safe Outcome – Wong Chin Ho

Composite Deep Plane Face Lift for Asian Patients – Wong Chin Ho

A Combination Strategy for Facial Rejuvenation: Facial Bone Contouring Surgery and Face and Necklift – Kazuaki Yamaguchi

Long Term Results of Woffles Featherlift: What to Expect Realistically – Woffles Wu

How Non-surgicals Enhance your Facial Surgery – Lina Triana

Symposium 6b – Breast 4
(Fullerton Suite)
Moderators: Heng Kien Seng, Florencio Lucero

The Advantage of Pectoralis Major Muscle Splitting Technique over Dual Plane Technique – Sanguan Kunaporn

How to Get a Reasonable and Reliable Lower Pole Profile in Breast Augmentation – Sung-Yuan Chang

Fat Transfer & Hybrid Breast Augmentation – Lee Kim Siea

0930 – 1000

Keynote Lecture 3
Kevin Chung – Evidence-based Medicine in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Where are We now
Moderator: Yang Kwang Lim

Macalister Ballroom

1000 – 1030

Industry Symposium (Courtesy of Motiva)
The Science and Technology of Motiva® Ergonomix® Breast Implants – Chih-Wei Wu

Macalister Ballroom

1030 – 1100

Coffee Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1100 – 1145

Seiichi Ohmori Memorial Lecture
Kunihiko Nohira – My Evolution of Microsurgical Blepharoplasty and Periorbital Rejuvenation
Moderator: Dato’ Lim Lay Hooi

1145 – 1300

Symposium 7a – Eyelid 1
Moderators: Lay-Hooi Lim, Kamol Wattanakrai

Upper Eyelid Ptosis Correction with the Musculoaponeurotic Junction Formula – Wong Chin Ho

Beware of Blephrospasm after Blepharoplasty – Kunihiko Nohira

Non-incisional Blepharoptosis Correction – Yusuke Shimizu

30-year Experience with Periorbital Surgery – Woffles Wu

Macalister Ballroom

1300 – 1400

Lunch Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1315 – 1345

Industry Symposium

1315 – 1345

Management of Complex Wounds with Veraflo (NPWTi-d) or Veraflo NPWTi-d, the New Frontier / Innovation in Complex Wound Management – Chew Khong Yik (Courtesy of 3M)

Macalister Ballroom

1315 – 1345

Enhancing Facial Features with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers: Techniques and Considerations for Optimal Results –  Vorapot Siramangkhalanon (Courtesy of Menarini)

Fullerton Suite

1400 – 1430

Keynote Lecture 4
Kevin Chung – The Meaning of Grit in Plastic Surgery
Moderator: Wong Thai Er

1430 – 1545

Symposium 8a – Eyelid 2
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderators: Yang Kwang Lim, Yap Lok Huei

Extended Transconjunctival Eyebag Removal – Wong Chin Ho

Fat Management in Asian Lower Blepharoplasty – Yeon-Jun Kim

Step by Step Surgical Technique and Outcome in Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty Revision – Kamol Wattanakrai

Strategies for a Successful Eyelid Revision: An Algorithmic Approach – Kamol Wattanakrai

Symposium 8b – Innovations & Technical Refinements
(Fullerton Suite)
Moderators: Subramaniam M, Salina Ibrahim

Aesthetic Reconstruction of Perinasal Oncologic Defect using STAA (Superficial Temporal Artery Anterior-Auricular Branch) Free Flap – Seok-Chan Eun

Purse-string Suture Combined with Subcision and Dermal Graft for the Treatment of Wide Depressed Scars and Boxcars – Su-Ben Tsao

New Concept of Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation – Su-Ben Tsao 

Complications in Implant Related Wounds: How I Manage – Chew Khong Yik

1545 – 1615

Coffee Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1615 – 1730

Symposium 9a – Fat / Regenerative Medicine
(Macalister Ballroom)
Moderator: Lee Kim Siea

Cultured Adipose Derived Stem Cell Implantation for Facial Depression Lesions – Yusuke Shimizu

Bespoke Fat Grafting: Adjustable Adipose-tissue Transfer (ARAT) – Eray Copcu

Long Term Clinical Results of MEST (Mechanical Stromal-cell Transfer) – Eray Copcu

Reconstructive Adipose Tissue for Face – Frank Chang

Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation in Clinical Application: The Past and Future – Lin Tsai-Ming

Symposium 9b – Eyelid 3
(Fullerton Suite)
Moderators: Surendranathan V, Wong Thai Er

The Surgical Management of Ocular Myasthenia Gravis – Hsin-Ti Lai

How can We Treat Refractory Blepharospasm – Hsin-Ti Lai

My 42 Years Experience in Doing Asian Eyelids and Eyebags – Florencio Q Lucero

1730 – 1830

MAPACS 39th AGM (Members only)

Fullerton Suite

1900 – 2200

Congress Gala Dinner @ The Grand Ballroom



0845 – 0900

Opening Remarks
Moderator: Man-Koon Suh
President: Regunathan Villanayer

Macalister Ballroom

0900 – 1030

Symposium 1 – Diverse Techniques Updates
Moderators: Florencio Q. Lucero, Rong-Min Baek

Nasal Lengthening Concept for Asian Rhinoplasty – Teuku Adifitrian

Alar Base Lift with Alar-Base-Rotation-Flap – Yen-Pin Lin

Nasal Base Surgery: An Asian Perspective – Kamol Wattanakrai

Composite Graft Revisited – Eun-Sang Dhong

Comparison Versatile Application of Septal Extension Graft and Derotation Graft in Asian Rhinoplasty – Yen-Chang Hsiao

Macalister Ballroom

1030 – 1100

Coffee Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1100 – 1200

Symposium 2 – New Perspectives in Rhinoplasty
Moderators: Wong Chin Ho, Yap Lok Huei

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty: Role of Plastic Surgeon – Wilson Ho

Paradigm Shift to 3D from 2D in Rhinoplasty – Jung-Hwan Baek

Preservation Rhinoplasty – Sugawara Yasushi

Macalister Ballroom

1200 – 1300

Industrial Symposium
Moderators: Lim Yang Kwang, Lee Kim Siea

Anymedi Inc: Innofit: Digital Innovation in Plastic Surgery – Guk-Bae Kim

L&C Bio: Efficiency and Application of MegaDerm in Rhinoplasty – Jin-Wook Jeong

T&R Biofab: The Use of Acellular Dermal Matrix with EER (Excellent ECM Retention) Technology: Reproderm in Rhinoplasty – Man-Koon Suh 

Macalister Ballroom

1300 – 1415

Lunch Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1300 – 1330

RSA General Meeting (All Delegates Attend)

Anson Suite

1340 – 1415

RSA Board of Directors Meeting, RSA National Secretaries Meeting

Anson Suite

1415 – 1545

Symposium 3 – Secondary rhinoplasty I
Moderators: Theddeus O.H. Prasetyono, Lay Hooi Lim

The Impact of a High Septum in Supratip Area: SLEG Technique – Eun-Sang Dhong

Tips and Tricks of Contracted Nose Correction – Man-Koon Suh 

Tactics to Overcome Difficult Secondary Rhinoplasty – Nguyen Phan Tu Dung

Structure Integrated Augmentation Rhinoplasty: LLC Reconstruction using Rib Cartilage – Kidakorn Kiranantawat

Rhinoplasty Secondary to Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty – Takeshi Miyawaki

Macalister Ballroom

1545 – 1615

Coffee Break / Trade Exhibition / E-Posters

1615 – 1730

Symposium 4 – Secondary rhinoplasty II
Moderators: Yuzo Komuro, Regunathan Villanayer

“Scrap and Build” or “Renovate” – Yasushi Sugawara

How I Solve the Issues in Secondary Rhinoplasty – Jong-Woo Choi

3D Printed Surgical Guide Plate in Nasal Bone Osteotomy – Yen-Chang Hsiao

Aesthetic Rebuilding of the Nose in Asians – Sung-Wan Park

Macalister Ballroom

1730 – 1745

Regunathan Villanayer – Organising Chairman

Macalister Ballroom

1900 – 2200

RSA Dinner (By Invitation)